Pakistan Business Process Outsourcing Companies Can Be A Differentiator For You In Terms Of Quality, Education, Culture, And Cost

Offshore Outsourcing to Pakistan is the value-added key differentiator you should consider when choosing an Asian Outsourcing destination in 2021-2022. Ranked high among the top emerging digital hub destinations by a Kearney 2019 report, Pakistan surpasses well-established Asian outsourcers like India, China, and the Philippines in terms of financial viability. The business world has transcended all boundaries since the pandemic outbreak. The concept of Work from Anywhere has introduced so much competition for skilled resources that strategies like Outsourcing emerge ever brighter as an expedient solution for making your business sustain.


Why Choose Pakistan As Your Next Outsourcing Destination

Do what you do best, and outsource the rest– Peter F. Drucker

Outsourcing has become a globally accepted best practice that allows businesses to compete with others in the market. As more and more technology emerges to become part of the new normal, teams will have to learn to transition to WFH and back, as and when needed.

Merely considering the ever-expanding IT industry:

The IT Global Outsourcing market segment is projected to reach a revenue of $359,462.8m in 2021 and is predicted to increase at a CAGR of 8.77% by 2026.Statista

Deloitte’s Global Outsourcing Survey 2020 highlights cost reduction as a top factor for businesses that outsource, especially due to the global recession.

If your business organization has not yet considered business process outsourcing, they are most assuredly missing out on the many vital benefits that outsourcing provides. Pakistan possesses all the elements that make this impressive geography a perfect candidate for outsourcing.

With 69% annual growth, Pakistan is the eighth fastest-growing freelance economy, a hidden gem of Outsourcing, that is emerging as a major business destination of choice. Ironically, the global pandemic has shown a dramatic example of why Pakistan is a source of superior providers of outsourcing capabilities and processes which many Fortune 500, Inc. 500, and other corporate leaders have now found to be an indispensable part of their pandemic operations strategy. These Corporate giants, which have been performing a wide spectrum of business processes in Pakistan for decades, now realize what a proven, reliable locale it is as a major destination to quickly, efficiently, and reliably ramp up their BPO processes in such times as these. Among the many renowned IT companies operating in Pakistan, some examples include Bentley, IBM, VMWare, Arbisoft, Cubix, Netsol, Ovex Technologies, TRG Tech, etc., and other U.S. businesses such as MTBC.

The following are some impressive statistics regarding Pakistan to be considered:

  • Pakistan’s population was calculated at 223 million in 2021, with nearly 60% youth above eighteen years – Datareportal

  • Pakistan’s population was calculated at 223 million in 2021, with nearly 60% youth above eighteen years – Datareportal

  • The ease of doing business here is scored at 81.9 by the World Bank – PSEB

  • There are over 61 million internet users across all devices

  • IT export remittances have increased by a CAGR of 18.85% – propakistani

  • 16 State-of-the-art software technology parks

  • IT products and services exports to over 120+ countries – MOIT

  • The Government offers zero income tax on IT exports till June 2025

  • More than 150 ISO quality standards qualified companies – MOIT

The Misconception About Pakistan’s Environment

The Misconception About Pakistan’s Environment

Due to the varying conditions in the country over the years, it has become a common misconception that Pakistan is not a stable environment to conduct business in. To the contrary, the Pakistani populace thrives in any field despite whatever perceived challenges it faces. Thousands of university graduates are available every year to enter the field and as the government promotes such participation by providing many regulations in support of businesses exchanges, it is easier than ever to employ high-quality talent from Pakistan from across the globe. Moreover, Pakistani’s are highly motivated and hardworking. The loyalty that is deeply embedded within the culture ensures their devotion to the organization for whom they provide their services. Unbeknownst to most, the cost of outsourcing to Pakistan is lower than its neighboring countries like India while the work ethic in Pakistan exceeds that of all neighboring Asian nations. Since internet users increase every year, the internet speed, security, and bandwidth are also constantly upgraded to maximum efficiency to ensure Business Continuity.

Getting insights from a seasoned industry entrepreneur can help with making informed decisions when choosing the right partner to offshore. Our correspondent interviewed an industry virtuoso, specifically regarding his experience as one of the first people to invest in Pakistan at a time when others would have been hesitant. What matters when outsourcing to Pakistan is best described in the words of an outsourcing veteran, the CEO of Premier BPO, Mark Briggs, who responded as follows: